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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 25, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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mumber 1 spot and oz was #33. no. 3-coming of several developing stories. on the same-sex marriage in the battle in the supreme court. we will have the latest on proposition 8 and watching wall street. three different companies fighting for the control of
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>> purses windsor. on section of the fences act. >> a relationship dispute could be to blame for a deadly shooting at a marine base that happened last week in virginia. one of the victims was from the bay area. government officials a
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sergeant eusebio lopez is accused of shooting to death corporal the jacob wooley from massachusetts as well as lance corporal sarah castromata and 19 year-old from oakley. lopez joined marine seven years ago serving in both afghanistan and i rack course. he was heavily decorated earning 11 awards. he was promoted to sergeant in 2011 and was a tactic to instructor, specializing as a machine gunner at the officer candidate school.
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>> this is phillip smith, he called me and told me what happened friday and he is very hurt by this as well. >> she always knew how bright and the mood. >> heidi remembers there? >> i remember being a loving caring person. she always made me laugh and always madehelp me with my homework. >> it is very, very devastating. she had a great personality and sense of humor. she was really good with kids. >> how you move on with this? >> remembering her smile >> 6 of 7:00 a.m. and
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military officials say a soldier from hayward has died from wounds and in the attack last week in afghanistan. 31 year-old sergeant first class a james grissom died thursday from small arms fire on march 18th. >> the coast guard is searching the water off half moon bay for 22 year old who disappeared from a beach. it all happen yesterday around 245. the coast guard's about a helicopter and a rescue boat in half moon bay near pillar point. authorities say the man was playing football on roosevelt beach with friends who said they turn around and he was gone. the coast guard says there is no compromise in the man entered the water. the toy's year-old was last seen wearing a black t-shirt and shorts. anyone with information is asked to contact coast guard.
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>> devil's slide in the coastal section of state highway 1 and san mateo county is getting set to reopen. to tunnel opened by tomorrow morning as part of a $439 million transportation project to provide a more reliable way to travel between pacifica and have monday. it is a section of a highway that is notorious for rocks lies in traffic accidents. a ribbon cutting will be held today at 11:00 this morning. new nehoney bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain.
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said nido one ever.acon.on baconacolia is back! now nowith even more bacon. come cmeelebrate our bacon obsession with all a new menu items like the bacon avocado omelette. only alyt denny's. >> welcome back and watching wall street the dow was up 91 points on friday. cyprus secured a 13 billion bailout early this morning on the condition is scaled back its banking sector and forces
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have the losses on the number of big deposits to help pay much of the bill. russia's prime minister has landed deal that saved cyprus from bankruptcy but forces big losses on many bank deposits, a large chunk of what are held by russians. michael dell may face competition over his bid to take a computer maker he founded private and a 24.4 billion deal. the wall street journal is reporting that buyout specialist blackstone group and activist investor carli cahn have both notified a special committee of bell's board that they're working on bids for the company. michael dell and a group of investors announced their bid, valued at 1365 per share in early february.
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south korea's government south korea's government says it will launch a 1.3 billion fund this week to provide debt relief for more than a half a million people on able to take loans. the fund will cancel up to half of the debt of individuals who been unable to make repayments for more than six months. it will apply to debts up to $90,000. >> boeing is planning to lay off about 800 workers and washington by the end of the year. the company said it will cut another 1200 to 1500 jobs through attrition and other means. the job cuts will be mostly from the 747 and 787 jet programs. the company says production rates on those airplanes will not be affected. boeing has i issued layoff notices yet. san jose wants to keep samsung and the silicon valley. the city council is expected to approve 7 million in incentives to keep the company from moving to texas. a proposed
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expansion of samsung san jose facility will replace existing offices with a modern research and development campus totaling 680,000 square feet to two distinctive tan story towers. samsung semiconductor has been based in san jose since 1986.
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>> 6178 m there are few
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signs of spring and some parts of the midwest, where a storm has dumped up to a foot of snow from eastern kansas to misery. about 100 flights were canceled at lambert field in st. louis yesterday. you can see planes being the eyes in kansas city on the top right. the bottom right of colorado springs, which also saw a few inches of snow or the weekend. the storm is moving east and with the storm warnings advisory have been issued as far east as pennsylvania. >> we did see some light wane as the moving closer to the weekend. temperatures currently are in the 30's 40's and 50's. a little cooler for the north bay valleys. oakland currently at 50, 43 hayward. future cast four shows why to o'clock mainly '50s inside the bay and 60s for your
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inland spots including the north bay. the green will start to fill and as we head into 2:00 p.m.. the yellow stars to stick out of our area. i don't think we will see any '70s today, say goodbye to them for the next couple of days. temperatures back in the '40's and '50's by 8:00 p.m. tonight. afternoon highs, redwood city 64, 65 fremont and milpitas, 66 san jose. the upper 60s for fairfield, concord 54 expected in hayward. mid-50s if you're headed to ocean beach. satellite and radar shows the top cloud cover streaming and is also contending with the westerly breeze that will keep temperatures on the cooler side. not only along the coastline along inland as well. 7 day around the bay forecast shows bit we could see some fog tomorrow but overall mild conditions with a mix and sun and clouds for
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the next couple of days. there's a, friday at 10 to 20 percent chance of rain. the models are starting to back off so we could see some isolated showers into saturday and sunday. 6198 am here is george. >> it is still good ride around the bay, no hot spots yet. we're starting to see things begin to back up the bay bridge, not at the meeting lights have been activated. still back up from the 880 upload approach but the toll plaza is filling in fairly rapidly. towed a 14 minute drive time. san mateo bridge commute is still an easy ride, a 11 minute they were to foster city. the golden gate bridges delay free and problem free was on the 1 01 southbound. east bay to meet for the ride on 80 westbound, 16 minutes is the drive time. west 24 still looks good to the caldecott tunnel. south bay free days with an accident has a little more slowing been
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usual but still not bad. 80 minutes drive time coyote valley up to the montesquieu expressway. the north bay arrive from marin is still under 25 minutesrom the bottle down to the golden gate bridge. public transit still doing well, no problems reported for bart caltrans in a stream or the muni metro. >> we have learned that u.s. secretary of state john kerry has flown to afghanistan on an unannounced visit to see president hamid karzai who recently accused the united states of working without tied up in this country. the secretary of state just left eyebrow. kerrey says he's made it clear to iraq that it should not allow a run to use its airspace to ship weapons to fighters to syria. u.s. officials believe shipments of a radiant overflights are transporting weapons and fighters to the embattled syrian government. >> of 30's a 46 year-old man was rushed to a hospital burn unit after letting himself on fire at an orange
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county nail salon. police say the militants as a lot, doubts itself was lovable liquid and set himself on fire just after noon sunday. someone inside the swan rest of the flames. investigators have not determined a motive, but police say the man's estranged wife was working in the slime. the man has not been identified, no one else was hurt. >> police in georgia as an anonymous tip helped make an arrest of the shooting death of a 13 month old baby in a stroller. someone saw a person cross of the backseat of vehicle as it drove away from the shooting on thursday. detectives followed up and arrested a 14 year-old suspect. the boys statements led them to take a 17 year old de'm arquise elkins into custody.
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an airport official m. birmingham alabama is trying to figure out how 300 lb. our arrival departure federal panel fell onto a family friday. the mother of a boy who was killed remains hospitalized with their own injuries and is still unaware of what happened. she is in intensive care unconscious. the family had vacation in florida and was flying home to kansas. >> of glendale couple was cruising around when the couple's car went airborne and landed on a neighbor's house. galina wynn says she and her husband are coming down the hill but couldn't stop their cars they turn the corner. when she of the door she saw the roof. the back end of the car arrested on edge of a retaining wall. a neighbor the accident. he grab the latter helped the winds off the roof. one man was inside a house in the crash happened but was not injured. in order to remove
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the car, the fire department called for a crane to do the heavy lifting. the cady has major damage, but remarkably the roof only needs minor repairs. galnia and her husband suffered minor injuries. >> 623 and we will be back in a couple of minutes. of you from our mt. tam cam. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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>> the u.s. military's hand over control of the parwan detention facility to the afghan government. is the only detent imbecility and the country that was under american control. a transfer
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ceremony is set for today and next to the u.s. run by grumman military base north of kabul. the u.s. was supposed to fully half over the facility last september after signing an agreement to do is bo a year ago. the transfer was held up pending a final deal between the u.s. and afghans over the release of dangerous prisoners. rebels have or on the president of the simpson se central african republic season the presidential palace in declaring that the desperately poor country has opened a new page in its history. the country's president fled the capital. the rebels of asian of the capital comes just a month after they had signed a peace agreement that would let the present serve until 2016. the deal unraveled in recent days. un secretary
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general ban ki-moon condemn the unconstitutional seizure of power and called for the swift restoration of the constitutional order.
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>> here is a look at the ride through san jose 1 01 northbound as you had a pass the guadalupe parkway. your quick commute check shows the heaviest traffic is still in the east bay. that is the only place where really see serious congestion and delays.
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interstate 580 and highway 4 they all smiled and antioch drabs respectively. still looking at generally light traffic for the south bay, north bay and peninsula ride. >> the time is 6:31 a.m. and we are just a couple of days away from a big change. it will not look like is exactly when you commute over the golden gate bridge. they will eliminate all of the toll takers, out the personal cast polltakers. it means that things should run more smoothly. jackie sissel hour so reporter is out there talking about how this could mean >> there may be some hitches, would change comes a little bit of confusion. the all electronic toll change is going to happen in just three days on wednesday for the first time. the bridge will go completely
6:35 am
electronic for the first time in california. you could see workers on the toll plaza and that is where the new electronic sign will go up. it will lead drivers know was they approach the toll plaza not to stop. that is the message that the golden gate bridge authority continues to press on people. there will be changes but the most important thing is as you approach the toll plaza do not stop. you do not have to give your money to a toll taker because there will not be any. the other change will be the speed limit. they will allow cars to go through the toll plaza at 25 mi. an hour as opposed to the old speed of 50 mi. an hour. this is all supposed to take place starting wednesday morning. they're not sure exactly what time wednesday morning the change will happen. they are shore but they're not telling us at this point. be prepared
6:36 am
as you go through. i can tell you that as you approach the bridge from the north in marin county, the electronic signs are all over the place letting you know that there's a change coming. as i said earlier, the most important thing, the biggest message they're trying to get to people is if you do not have fast- track, do not do anything to do not stop at the toll plaza on wednesday morning. keep going. >> everybody likes the golden gate bridge and tourists are not exactly watching the news. that is not a normal work routine for them. >> during the morning commute, over 80 percent of the drivers have fast track. they're not anticipating that being an issue. they're just trying to get the word out across the state. another thing that they're doing is they're when to take these told those that we normally see and paint the inside of them. the entire inside of the blues, international or so that when people drive up they're
6:37 am
not intended to stop and look for a toll taker that is not there. >> we will see how that goes, i'm not sure of their appeal to get that done by wednesday. >> following the latest on the gun-control debate and to the loudest voices in the gun debate say it's up to the voters not to make their position known to congress. new york mayor michael bloomberg and national rifle association's wayne lapierre each claimed their views on guns have the support of the overwhelming number of americans. lawmakers art and their home states, hearing from constituents ahead of next month anticipated senate vote on gun control. senate majority leader harry reid said the legislation would likely be debated next month that will include tougher laws as the for sentences for gun trafficking and increased schools safety grants. a ban on assault style weapons was dropped from the bill. >> a relationship dispute could be to blame for a deadly shooting at a marine base last week. the shooter
6:38 am
and one of the two people murdered are from the bay area. eight sgt esubio lopez of this is a that is accused of shooting to death corbeled jacob wooley from massachusetts as well as lance corporal sarah castromata, a 19 year-old from oakley. lopez joined marine seven years ago serving in both afghanistan and i rack wars. he was heavily decorated earning 11 awards. he was routed to sergeant in 2011 and was a tactic to instructor specializing as a machine gunner at the officer can it is school. one of the victims of the shooter lance corporal cyril castromata was from oakley. she was 90 years old and joined marine corps in december 2011 serving as a warehouse
6:39 am
clerk. last month she was promoted to her current rank. but she is not a ploy, sheer number of awards. including the national defence metal and global war on terrorism service medal. for the family station is the best known for her charity work. is issued often volunteer for her church and she is described as a mellow person. >> he called me and told me what happened friday. he is very hurt by this as well. they were best friends. >> as she was a very sunny loving caring person. she was always breaking the mood. >> how will you remember sarah? >> i remember sarah as being a loving, caring person. she always made me laugh and always help me with my homework. she was just a fun-loving person. >> it has been very, very devastating. she had a great personality. scheck raises of humor. she was really great with kids. >> how we move on from this?
6:40 am
>> remembering her smile. >> castromata recently graduated from liberty high school in brentwood. >> that will slide, the coastal section of state highway 1 and san mateo county will reopen tomorrow. two tunnels will open tomorrow as part of the $439 million transportation project to provide a more reliable way to travel between pacifica and half moon bay. >> crews still need to adjust the lines to allow traffic to finally move through here. when they do open, rockslide that upset down the stretch of highway one have been a thing of the past. >> we have been waiting for this for years. they rely on highway one. over the years, highway one the stretch has been plagued by mudslides,
6:41 am
rock slides slip out. every time it is had to close, the local economies have been devastated. this tunnel is the solution to a long-term problem they have been seeing. >> the rock slides and a problem ever since i will open up in 1937. a hundred late, caltrans says they finally have a reliable way to get through stretchers' 1.3 mi. stretch of road. >> we will take a break at 6:38 a.m.. a live look outside the san mateo bridge. traffic is moving well on 92. it is not too bad weather wise is monday morning. we will get an update from erica at 6:45 a.m..
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>> welcome back, a chevron
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fuel spill near a northern utah bird refuge e is now much worse than originally thought authorities say up to 27,000 gal. may have leaked from a pipeline that carries diesel fuel. the spill occurred monday near the bear river migratory bird refuge g and willard ave state park near i've been utah. it's chevron's third week in utah last three years. in 2010, a chevron pipe leaked 21,000 gal. of fuel in the same area. >> some residents in new town conn say they are outraged at receiving roll- call from the national rifle association only three months after the sandy hook elementary school shootings. residents say the automated calls from the nra began last week to urge people to tell their state legislators to oppose gun control proposals. lawmakers are debating whether to ban military military-style assault weapons, prohibit
6:46 am
high-capacity ammunition magazines and other measures in response to the school shooting. one resident says the calls are " ridiculous and insensitive ". three months ago, a gunman killed 21st graders, six educators and himself in december after shooting his mother to death. messages seeking comment were left with the nra, which like other nonprofit groups is allowed to make or bacall's under federal law. tell us what you think on our kron4 facebook page @ facebook .com/kron4. 6:43 a.m. and we will be right back. wow, 1w,0 days of allergy relief.
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said nido one ever.acon. baconacolia is back! now nowith even more bacon. come cmeelebrate our bacon obsession with all a new menu items like the bacon avocado omelette. only alyt denny's. >> stance on the rise, the dow was up 40 points. 14,551. should we all be cheering? >> yes. it shows us that the
6:50 am
problems in europe can be just problems and not crisis see. they're not spreading like wildfire and americans are not panicking. the losers here are the rich, they are in the cyprus. the winners are some of the smaller depositors that kind of gave the bailout that protected the insurance that was supposed to be there in the first place. >> i think what scares people with this story is that people had money and the banks are taking a haircut. they're taking some of their bank deposits away. could that ever happen here? >> i won't say never. so far it hasn't. if it did there were probably be riots. there be cars flipped over on fire. this has happened yet. will it come? it's certainly good.could. >> the battle for dell, up michael dell wants to take
6:51 am
his company private. yet blackstone, an icon, they're all covered by this company was going on? >> i don't get it. on the outside it looks like the company is thinking and they are at the wrong problem. there in the pc business. the offer is always sitting higher than what michael dell offered at 1365. the start of the pc provider and his texas dorm room. the big winner here is h-p. they don't even know was going to owned bell and the future, do business with us, we will be around. for dell, it is the 1990's there cut, a bad idea. >> the other two deals don't even have michael dell and that. >> he has said he is willing to stick around and work with his successor. it is not that he is not in it, it is that the writing is on the wall. he took the first that. the bart directors the
6:52 am
dollar due in the right thing and reviewing bids. the pubcompany could still be publicly traded. it is probably not best for michael dell. >> anything you watching? >> yahoo about a new start up that was started by 15 year-old child. i say that lovingly. that is about all i have. >> a short trading week. the snb had a record high >> can we hold it? >> we will check back with you. >> here's erica with the forecast, a change in one as we work our way throughout the week. >> it is cooler today than what we saw this weekend. temperatures right now are not too bad, mid-40s out the door palo out though, 50 hayward, 48 mountain view.
6:53 am
future cast four tracking temperatures by 12:00 you could see the blue is a circling the bay. that indicates where we'll keep it in the upper 50s. we will climb to 60 degree territory for livermore, napa, santa rosa. all this out bay communities by 2:00 p.m. looks like the yellow appears on the screen but i believe that will stay out of the bay area. say goodbye to the '70s. by 8:00 p.m. tonight a good mixing of upper 40's and low 50's. for the breakdown, after the high schooler today the san francisco is 61 degrees. upper 60s for napper concord fairfield, 68 antioch. satellite and radar shows cloud cover streaming into the bay area. we have areas of locally dense fog. sea breezes keeping temperatures on the cooler side as we head into the afternoon. it looks like tomorrow will be very similar to what we saw yesterday. as we head into
6:54 am
wednesday, up we are talking a mix of sun and clouds. your extended forecast shows the potential for wet weather. a 20 to 30 percent chance. models are starting to back off, perhaps some light rain thursday into friday. into the weekend, we are talking possibly rainy conditions. i will have the full details and your 7 day around the bay forecast in my next report. 6:51 a.m. and here is george. >> have to do the little ree cheer as we check the ride for the bay bridge toll plaza. the westbound to me it looks pretty good even though it is backed up we have been incident free on the upper deck of the bay bridge. no incidents reported, the backup is reaching only to the 880 over crossing westbound. because of that, drive times are running about 16 minutes from the heart of the toll plaza. less if you're coming from the nets freeway. the san mateo bridge ride of
6:55 am
good, volumes up a bit but no problems as you head westbound, a 11 minute commute time. the golden gate bridge looks good for 1 01 southbound. an easy ride as you head and from marin county with no delays. traffic maps and checking the ride year, first interstate 80 now 19 minutes to drive time as things start to heat up for the east shore freeway. we've picked up some slowing for walnut creek coming out of concord on 680 southbound. some slowly as well for 1 01 northbound, especially here the guadalupe parkway. this is where it meets up with 1 01 north. the north bay is also experiencing some delays is we're at 26 minutes from nevado down to the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound. >> 6:52 a.m. and we will be back with more and a couple of minutes. i live look at our mt. tam cam. this is beautiful, we will be back at and a couple of minutes.
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>> new this morning, we're getting word that prince harry will be turning to the u.s. in may but this time he's keeping las vegas. the 20 year-old prince will travel to the east coast as well as denver and colorado springs colorado. his triple include trips to arlington national cemetery,reed nasa medn the competition between british and american veteran athletes and the warrior games in colorado springs. you also visit hurricane sandy victims in new jersey. >> taking a look of the box office numbers from the weekend, the cavemen comedy the croods
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